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Change of Color?

The new layout is much better this. It's not as laggy as the previous layout was. Aside from a few minor things from the previous lay-out as in the length of song, and the bar at the bottom, the... it looks a lot better. Maybe possibly a new color would look good too... or have it where you change the color of the site every month or so... something different.
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    I’m happy
    Michael (Chief Operating Officer) July 30, 2010 14:26
    Thanks for the great suggestions Sumit. We're definitely batting around some ideas about changing up the background periodically, or having some urban artists put together a series backgrounds for us.

    Glad to hear we fixed those lag issues for you. We're hoping the whole site runs a lot smoother and cleaner now.

    Can you tell me a little more about the "length of the song," issue you ran into? And the "bar at the bottom?" I'd love to troubleshoot those for you, we just need a bit more info.
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