Comprehensive presentation of weekly album sales

Hi guys,
When presenting weekly albums sales could you please use this breakdown in colums

Total sales,
Weeks since release,
Current week sales,
Position on the charts


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  • Hey Kb,

    Than you for reaching out regarding our Weekly Album Sales. We will take your idea in to consideration and let you know if we make any updates.

    Thanks again for the idea. Have a great day!

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  • I’m aggravated
    Posted this recently, but I don't think it stuck.

    If you guys could create a section of the site dedicated for the weekly hip hop album sales, it would be great. This is one of the few sites where we can get that type of information, but it is an absolute pain to use the search function to find the posts that you have put up in the past.

    You need to know the date, and have the slash marks right guys have a link that allows you to check out the previous week's sales..but can't skip a week ahead for dates that have passed already.

    This would seem to be a very valuable function for the site, and shouldn't be too difficult to make happen.

    Other than that, love the site!

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