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Only a portion of the Liza Rios (Big Pun) vs Fat Joe lawsuit was spoken about from TMZ last week which was spoken of on many websites. Well this afternoon the full version of court complaint was uploaded to the public with much more details. In the complaint Fat Joe isn't the only defendant, Madonna's ex boyfriend (Madonna vs Jellybean link below) and business associate John "Jellybean" Benitez is also in the complaint for allegedly falsifying royalty statements with intention of misleading the estate of Big Pun. Also the estate accuses Joe for not paying side artist agreement going back from inception. Did Joe and Jellybean under report the earnings to the estate while pocketing the $ the past 14 or more years? Below are 2 links, 1 with the full public court complaint and a link of Madonna suing Jellybean for similar action in 2010 which was settled by Wallace Collins who won't tell us how much $ was in the settlement, but told us he was very happy with how much Jellybean coughed up.
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