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Creating RSS feeds to have a new way of accessing HipHopDX content

What about doing a RSS feed to follow HipHopDX updates? There could be one main feed for "everything", and then one for each relevant category (videos, audios, album reviews, editorials...etc). Then it makes it easier to follow the website's updates from a remote application (e.g. on a smartphone) along with other sites' updates.

Even if it is less common today, many people still use RSS as a way to follow multiple websites' updates and it is a good possibility for HipHopDX to gain more visits through a new source.
And after all, RSS feeds are an easy thing to build: just a few lines to generate XML and it's done.
A good example on the New York Times website:

Don't know if it's possible for you guys, but it would be really nice and I could definitely spend even more time on HipHopDX with such a feature ;)

Thanks for all the good work, cheers.
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