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I’m disappointed

D Lynch - Rapper, Producer, Scammer - Why are Hip Hop DX supporting him!?

How would hip hop DX approach a scenario where they're advertising on their for an artist who outright scams his business associates?

I'm talking about Rapper, producer, scammer D. Lynch. Forget about the distasteful white trash rapper name in post slavery America, what about the fact that this guy has a history of scamming his "Clients"?

Check out the whole article, backed up by irrefutable evidence that this guy is a total fraud, from claiming another producers intellectual property (Illa Da Producer on Eminem's Killshot) to selling fake verses from artists like Joyner Lucas. BOTH clearly evident on the URL -

As an avid fan of this platform and its support for real artists, I for one would like to see the promo removed for this embarrassment to those who actually work hard.
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