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Been a fan of HipHopDX from over in Australia, not long after the internet mixtape game first caught my ear in late 07' early 08'. And after watching it progress to a major website with genuine music influence, I cannot thank you guys enough for the music it has opened me up too, years before hitting genuine mainstream or even critical acclaim (In Australia, still sometimes garnering neither of both). However I believe it can genuinely be improved by some diversity in nationalities of hip-hop. I know this is mainly an American site and I am sure you have more than enough "new artist music" to filter through hourly without taking on an extra load of other countries.

But like I said I have known about your site for around 7 years now and I heard about it through word of mouth, so your reach is far broader than possibly the "unintentional zoned sorting" of your music could benefit from. For instance there have been 2 phenomenal Australian Hip Hop albums released in the last 2 weeks that I was hoping to see reviews from, just because I find some of your journalists opinions genuinely worthwhile. I have once seen a review of a release from the Kottonmouth Kings? (not my choice in music but i was stoked to read it). These aren't underground MC's either, these are major artists with major followings across multiple nationalities. It is not just the country of Australia that HipHop has blown up in over the last few decades obviously, you can find thousands of forums and threads on hip hop in just about any nationality and language. So I don't think there is a lack of exposure or anything I just feel the site could benefit from possibly looking into releases from other countries, even with the site crossing over to embedding the digital medium in which the artist chooses to release their music, rather than the old HipHopDX player. For at least english speaking countries? I have found myself using your site less these days and finding new music just as easily and definitely more diverse scanning forums, just an idea really. Something I think can massively improve your site.

Kindest regards

Also the singles off of the two releases I was earlier eluding too are:

Artist:One Day
Album: Mainline
Track 03: Love Me Less
Official Single Link:

Artist: Hilltop Hoods
Album: Walking Under Stars
Track 04: The Art Of The Handshake
Official Link:
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