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I’m sad

dj assassin is fake

this whole "new unheard exclusive" is bullshit!
"king assassin" aka dj assassin is fake

This is the radio version that was released ON THE THE SINGLE VINYL IN 1994. IT even has a video for it featuring Thug Life! Assassin said nobody heard this verse before, but clear as day its been out. You can search youtube 2pac how long will they mourn me radio, and see uploads from 7 years ago! This is nothing new, except him looping a beat and adding himself to it and then adding in Pacs explicit outro. This guy is a phony and has been making a living off of a dead man for 20 years. Want more proof? he claimed he produced all out and hell 4 a hustler when infact it was damon the assassin thomas. Damon also produced smile and was in a relationship with kim kardashian in the early 00s. DJ KIng assassin then said he produced "judgement day" and "mind of a bad boy". He issued a chopped up remix of Real Bad Boys in which he removed Ital Joe and placed himself on the track and told people he produced this track with 2Pac. Judgement Day was also confirmed to be a Majesty produced track despite Assassin for many years claiming he produced it. Majesty also re-used the beat in 1994 with Stretch for the song Wrong Niggas, available on the live squad mixtape album. Furthermore, Assassin claimed he produced the unreleased Pac song "Days of a Criminal'. Mind you this song was from 1988, way before Pac was famous and he was in Baltimore recording with Gable, Ryan D & The Jungle. Assassin wouldnt have even known him. He took a leaked remix of the song Days of a Criminal, added instruments over top of it, added in his own chorus and tried to say he made this song with 2Pac in 1988. Then around six years ago Money B of Digital Underground played the track on the Going Way Back show and it had a different beat, and a new 4th verse where 2Pac credits Whizz, Dizzy and Gable on production of the track. So why wasnt this 4 verse in the remix? because Pacs own words said who produced it. Then months ago when Afeni died, King Assassin wanted to be a spotlight money grubbing whore once again and Use Pac's Mama's own death to get some shine. He went on TMZ and said he is giving them a never before heard original version of Dear Mama that he produced. Guess what? ANOTHER FUCKING LIE. Dear Mama OG was produced by Masta T. Pac says in the intro "Masta T drop something for My Mama". When assassin leaked it he removed the intro because he was trying to take credit yet again for someone elses work. Dont believe me? Youtube 2Pac Dear Mama OG and you will see 7-10 year old uploads of the song with the intro intact! And if you still dont believe me, look up Tony Pizarro and ask him. He re-arranged the song for MATW while Pac was locked up. Also Professor Jay that worked with 2Pac is not Jam Master J!

Assassin is a phony and has never done a single thing for 2Pac. 2Pac would bitch slap the fuck out of him. If you want to debate this, debunk everything I just said. Until then, real recognize real. 2Pac has 200 unreleased songs, This is not one of them and King Assassin is not apart of a single one of them either.
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