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Drake & Phonte throwing jabs low-key??

Are Phonte and Drake jabbing low-key? peep the lyrical history below

Phonte - Charity Starts At Home (Sept 2011)
"And I do this all for hip-hop!! Nigga I'm lying like shit. I do this for my mortgage nigga, my bills" - Dance In The Reign

Drake - 0 to 100 (July 2014)
"They be on that rap to pay they bills shit/ and I don't feel that shit not even a little bit / Oh Lord, know ya self, know ya worth / my actions speak louder than my words"

Phonte - Destiny N Stereo (December 2017)
"Still got nothin but love for an imitator / Man yall making Daddy so proud let me put ya reports cards up on my refrigerator"
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