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Features killed hiphop..

You should really make an editorial about how features killed hiphop. Think about it. Im a big hiphop fan. I LOVE hiphop! I check hiphopdx EVERYDAY but i barely listen to any of the songs. Theres no more excitement in the game. Why is that? Thats because EVERYBODY is working together today. And we see the same artists working together every time! The last BIG era of succes we had was with 50 and G-Unit. Cuz they did their own thing, they didnt work with so many people outside their clique. But hiphop today had lost the competitive side of the game and thats the thing that started the whole culture, competition! It was about who was the best! Today we have rappers working AND dissing each other in between camps, its like they are not 100% true and loyal to their camp. For istance weve seen how meek mills keep embracing 50 for his work, its aight that he respects what 50 has accomplished over the years but u embracing the exact same nigga that would actually want to see YOUR boss dead rather than rapping in videos? What the fuck is that! Before it was exciting to see a khaled remix with half of the biggest names in the game on their but now i honestly dont give a fuck anymore because weve seen it all! Hiphop has become a lazy sport and most rappers today are pussies. My opinion
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