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Finding Mr. Fantastik

I'm of course talking about the amazing mc who guested on MF DOOM's "Anti Matter" and "Rap Snitch Knishes".

Trying to find out who and where he is has become a fairly popular topic over the last few years on various Hip Hop forums, and so far nobody has been able to learn anything.

The most information anyone has come across is that he possible lived in Florida, and at one point there was a single interview done with him on a random Hip Hop site that has since seemingly been lost.

Dude only had a few guest appearances to his name, but he made a huuuuge impact on everyone who head him. I've literally seen people who hate DOOM's music with every fiber of their being stop and ask about who this dude was because he absolutely beast his verses. Nobody know ANYTHING about this dude. Complete and utter mystery. Track him down DX!
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