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Get Disqus to manage your comments and stop being ridiculous.

As a longtime user of Hip Hop Dx and a digital marketer myself, it is beyond me why you guys continue to use this outdated comment system. 1) I don't see how it benefits your site and 2) it certainly doesn't benefit your visitors.

Why don't you use something like Disqus where commenters can stay on top of discussions they have been involved in on your site instead of having to come back to the same page whenever they want to partake in the discussion.

As a user of your site, I can honestly tell you that I have stopped partaking in discussions here on your site for this reason. If you don't see that as an issue then maybe you don't care about cultivating a community with your readers/visitors.

At this point, cultivating a vibrant community can go a long way to monetizing said community even more than you guys are currently doing. So at the very least, you are also leaving money on the table.
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