Give me a job, tired of garbage articles somehow getting a place here.

Hire me as a writer, or a spell check, or allow me to review articles before they hit the site. As an avid user for a few years, I've always loved some a fair amount of the sites content, but it is like searching for diamonds in dirt mostly. There is too much irrelevant and pointless stuff posted here which is and should be of no value to anyone. If this site stopped posting garbage and filled itself with more exciting articles, it'd perhaps gain some credibility.
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  • Hey LuKe,

    Thanks for reaching out.  We are glad you have been an avid fan for many years and appreciate your insight/feedback. Is there anything specific you are not happy with?  

    We do have a HUGE fanbase (3 Million Monthly Readers) and everyone enjoys different content.  A lot of content that you may not enjoy, there is a fanbase for.  I would suggest supporting the content you enjoy and ignoring the content that doesn't interest you.

    I would love to hear your feedback though.


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