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Help! I need to find a lost hip hop classic (But can't remember its name...)!!!! a number of years ago I recall coming across an album cover by either a Dead Prez or Army of the Pharaohs affiliate group that basically had two people with their faces hidden by bandanas blowing some type of U.S. government building up...lots of fire and shit...well, after an exhaustive memory bank comb and a long ass time searching google image search I must ask...does anyone know what this album is called and who it is by? I recall a few online sources saying it was a radical political hip hop classic and really want to finally find it...any ideas? P.S.- It's not the Coup, their album Party Music has an original pre- 9/11 cover VERY similar to what I'm describing but the record I'm describing specifically has a late nineties No Limit album cover feel...even thought the subject matter is about as far off as you can get from No Limit lol...any ideas?
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