Hi, I'm Scott from DMH

DMH Media Network is doing its outreach on building the biggest Music/fashion/entertainment network in media today. I was contacting you about your blog. I would love to speak with you on teaming up with our network.

By teaming up with our network DMH Media Network will be able to sale your real estate at your rate ( advertisements) you have on your blog, get you paid post on your site and add celebrity interviews, exclusives and more as needed.

All you have to do is what you do already on your site and its no cost to be in the network just an opportunity for your site/blog to make money...

Lets up on the phone and talk more. if your intrested in about this email dmh@dmhmedianetwork

DMH Media Network
8500 Wilshire Blvd Ste 527
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Office - 818-732-4217 ext. 101
Fax- 818-732-4218

DMH Media Network

TRUE Magazine, FGM Magazine, RnB Magazine, Alpha XY Magazine,

Ms Fancy Foodie

E-Zine/ E - Catalogs
FGM Mall E-Zine/Catalog
Discount Foodie E-Zine/Catalog
ALPHA XY Consumer Advantage E-Zine/Catalog
FGM Beauty E-Zine/Catalog
Discount Foodie E-Zine/Catalog

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