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Hip-Hop Education in all public schools in the US— PETITION

Imagine being able to take a Hip-Hop class in high school, where you learn the artistic practices of DJing, Rapping, B-Boying, Graffiti Writing, and Beatboxing. Also picking up the skills of critical thinking and collaboration on the way.
This is what this petition is for. Please sign it and support the movement!
‪#‎HipHop‬ culture should be taught and practiced in all public schools.
Our current public school system teaches us to memorize and regurgitate information. It's not surprising that we are not prepared to work with purpose upon graduating.
The artistic expressions of hip-hop (DJing, Rapping/Spoken Word, B-Boying aka Break Dance, Aerosol Art/Graffiti Writing, Beatboxing) and the Fifth Element (Knowledge of Self and Community) teach 21st century skills, like critical thinking and collaboration, when practiced.

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