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I'm J.P. Joshua From Pompano, i'm a hip hop artist and I have a few ideas, but the one I want share now is kind of a selfish one. I am currently alone in this and everything i'm doing right now from recording to promoting I am doing on my own. I was thinking of a portion of the page for "Artist Of The Day" or "Artist Spotlight" telling the background, Bio, or basic info about an up and coming artist along with their music or music video playing with the narrator who is telling their story. I do believe that there is a such thing as a bad artist, people who say there isn't is contributing to the destruction of a culture and art that I love deeply. I am a up and coming artist and I need help. I'm not looking for any handouts but I do need someone who is somebody to pitch my music and movement if they find it to be worth the effort, and I believe it is. I know you don't accept music from the actual artist so I haven't attached anything, I do not have a manager or promoter or label, so if you allow me to send you something and you listen to it, I would be very grateful. My email is
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