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How do people get their music nowadays?

I am doing a report for my english class and I was wondering if i could get a few questions answered. The topic is on how do people get music and what impacts does these ways have?

What way do most people get their music nowadays?
Are album sales on a decline?
How much money do artists make per song sold on Itunes?
About how many people use file sharing to get music?
How much money do artists lose to file sharing and other forms of technology that put their music out for free?
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  • Here you are Jason...

    1. The last time we looked, 65% of music consumers use digital formats to purchase their music. (I think that is '09 data, and I believe it comes from Newsweek, look further though). This is all music though, not Hip Hop.

    2. Compared to a decade ago or five years ago, yes.

    3. I have heard anywhere from 3 cents to 30 cents a song, based on prior arrangements made with their label.

    4. Not sure, 5. Not sure.

    Thanks. I hope we were of help.
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