I’m confused

I ask again, why are my comments being blocked by hip hop dx?

I asked this question the other day and I have gotten no reply back.. I didnt do anything wrong, I havent been on hip hop dx myself in weeks so I'd like to know what is going on please.
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  • Hey IBDaddy,

    Thank you for reaching out regarding your comments being blocked on HipHopDX.

    The only way you would get banned on HipHopDX's comment section is if you are spamming the site with links that don't have anything to do with hip hop and the stories. Example: Promoting sites to "make money", products, etc.....If you do it once or twice they are just deleted, but if it becomes a daily occurrence then you will be banned from posting comments.

    The other reason would be promoting continuous racism/sexism. We will delete comments that are not appropriate, but not ban someone until it becomes a daily occurrence week after week.

    If you were not at your computer i would suggest talking to your cousin because he/she took part in one of the two reasons above. We are sorry that this happened, but unfortunately just by your name, we cant really determine which one your IP address participated in.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.


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  • My cousin was on my pc the last few nights while I went to work.. He's giving me the round about what happened talking about he dont know what happened so can you please give me some specific details on what went down the past few nights?

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