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a 19 year old female, who is well on her way to becoming the next Jay-z, P-Diddy etc. he next big thing for sure and you could have the 1st official story.
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    I’m thankful
    Michael (Chief Operating Officer) August 04, 2010 20:42

    Thanks for the submission. We've gotten quite a few of these from people who want to turn us on to new and upcoming artists, and we love the enthusiasm!

    We truly wish that we could support every up and comer that's working
    hard to try and make it in a tough business, but we just don't have an
    editorial team that's large enough to listen to every request. The
    space on the site is even more limited, as output in Hip Hop is at an
    all-time high from both the established and aspiring. Typically,
    there's a natural filtering process that happens where the smaller
    blogs, regional audiences, and local promoters allow us to take notice
    and support those who've broken through.

    If you're looking to make your splash and get your name out there, there are a lot of places you can turn to get started. Facebook and Twitter are great tools to mobilize your fan base and keep your listeners up to date on all of your performances, mixtapes, etc. The fans want to know when you're gonna be on stage. It's a great way to stay connected to them.

    From there, I'd suggest branching out and working your local music scene as much as possible. If you're not performing regularly at the Hip Hop spots in your city, then nobody's hearing the music. Between performing regularly and staying connected to your fans to get them to show up to your performances, you should definitely start to see some traction.

    Keep us up to date on how it's going out there, and best of luck while you're still working to get your music out to the audience.
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