More Christian Rappers Other Than Lecrae

Can you guys talk about other Christian rappers other than Lecrae. I know he is the most successful Christian rapper out there & I don't think he's that bad. I'm not trying to downplay him at all. All I'm saying is that there are a few Christian rappers that deserve a little more recognition than what they're getting. The people at Collision Records, in my personal opinion, are much better rappers, but I don't think they are getting the recognition they deserve for their God-given ability. All I want is for you guys is to give people who love hip-hop a chance to hear about this amazing music. There have been at least 5 really good Christian albums that came out this year & I don't think you guys have even hear of them. (Gold Rush - Dre Murray, ATLast - Alex Faith, Minorville - Derek Minor, etc.) give these albums a listen & tell people that visit this site on a daily basis (like me) a chance for their eyes to be opened. I'm not asking for a total change because I still like the other stuff you guys put on the site. I just want a chance for these guys that make good music to get noticed & chance someone's life. Thank you.
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