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MTV died it's the internets turn...

I go on this site to find hidden gems. This site is great for promoting new talent many may not hear about.

On another note, im dissapointed you guys haven't promoted Tut? Came across his album, "Preachers Son," by accident on spotify after an Isaiah Rashad search (which you guys put me on when you reviewed his "Welcome to the Game" mixtape) and i came on here to look at Tut's review. You had no review, nor news on his album, and i've noticed lately you guys arent reviewing mixtapes like you used to. You guys need to get back on that. A) this album/LP/Mixtape is really good and B) thats what really made this site standout to others. Your reviews were on point, and you constantly published hidden gems that were kept from the majority and radio waves. Try incorporating that back into the site like you used to ( a few years back). This site is starting to feel mainstream and you guys are focusing too much on that media hype. Im not going to say to change your approach completely, im sure you steered the ship in this direction because of popular trends and an increase in site traffic, but youre losing that something special you guys had. You guys had a good ear for new music and new upcoming artists....get back to that.

Also, you can incorporate a lot more content into your site my updating you site to a scroll type feature, kinda like after it mimicked the scroll and load feature of twitter and instagram.
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