Obama Should Rule The World

This week, I scored a front row seat right next to Darryl DMC McDaniels and his sweet wife Zuri for the Samantha Black Spring 2012 NYFW runway show featuring Russell Simmons beautiful Niece Angela Simmons.

Darryl and Zuro were both fun to be around and very friendly to their fans. Zuri has lunched a new website for fashion,food and entertainment. We posed for several pics as Darryl worked his grimacing rapper game face for the camera. While chatting he told me he went to Catholic School and said he was like a target for bullies with his school uniform as kid growing up in the inner city of Queens. Simmons was one year behind him, read his wrap lyrics in a textbook, remembered him and hit him up years later and the rest is Run DMC history. Darryl claimed RunDMC never traveled with an ontourage, no security, no VIP when hitting the clubs as they would hang in the main area with everyone else. Darryl shared much love for President Obama as he told me he feels that President Obama should be more than president, more like he should rule the universe or something along those lines. Here is the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gDl6b...

Tom Murro

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