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The Breakdown is a bit Broken

I think that your new commentator MURS is not objective enough when it comes to the subject matter of the Breakdown's topics. The most recent installment about the PAID DUES festival is essentially an 8 minute commercial for a festival that he has a personal stake in. Regardless of his "remember when" timeline and comments about the performers of the festival, the previous commentator Justin Hunte set a precedent of objectiveness in his reporting that was backed up by facts and statistics. His approach allowed a viewer to see the juxtaposition of the Hip Hop's economic and artistic faces informing the viewers perspective in various ways. I can say that after the Lil' Wayne G.O.A.T. segment my opinion about him has changed for ever. While I am not a fan of his artistic direction, styles or moods exhibited in his music I can say for certainty that Lil' Wayne is a hard working individual who work ethic puts most artists to shame. Even with his addictions in tow.

While I appreciate the new perspective being brought to the table by MURS it ends right there. In a debate, MURS would be a powerhouse but as a commentator on hip hop culture, his bias is showing way to much.
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