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Top 100 albums 2000-2010

Hello HipHop Dx,
My name is alejandro, haling from chile, Latin America. I apologize in advance if my english is not so good,
We really appreciate down here to have a reliable source that we can check for quality music down here, Hip hop culture is thriving here in chile.
The suggesiton i wanted to make you, since we are already in 2011, you could publish a few articles about the last decade in hip hop. I'm thinking, maybe "the 100 top albums of 2000-2010", or "Top 10 lyricists 2000-2010", maybe "Slept on Albums 2000-2010".

This would be very good for fans that are not on the USA and miss out some of the best thing that coem out there and go unnoticed here -since we have now ay of knowing when or how they come out-. So that's my proposal.

Thank you for all of what you do!
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