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Underground Album does big on charts!!

Produced by: Yelawolf
Artist: Struggle Jennings & Jelly Roll

This local Nashville album released friday Nov. 3rd 2017.
With no major label pushing or backing the project and no promotion or marketing dollars spent on it this album landed NUMBER 3 in the top 40 hip hop albums ON ITUNES in USA & CANADA. And also Position 25 in top 200 of all genres iTunes chart. Extremely well for a independent release. Titled Waylon and Willie by Struggle Jennings and Jelly Roll of Nashville Tennessee it's full of deep rich story telling and picture painting lyrics with the outlaw DNA one would expect with such a title. Now for the nay sayers Struggle Jennings is Waylon Jennings grandson through marraige of Jessi Colter. His actual mother is the child Jessi Colter and Dwayne eddy. So naturally born with the music in his blood and spending summers on the road as a kid touring with Waylon and playing with his uncle Shooter Jennings growing up, Struggle was very much in and around the creation of music and the outlaw LIFESTYLE. STRUGGLE grew up with me and many others on the poorest white trash side of Nashville, tn called THE NATIONS which was right beside Preston Taylor project housing at the time. Today it's a completely gintrificated neighborhood and is not the same but in our day it was rough and very poor as it was for many generations before. This album is not a gimmick or mumble rap. It's real true stories and pain shared like music used to be. I hope hip hop dx does some home work and writes a review or spotlights it as it deserves it. I'm not a manager or publicist, just a child hood friend that knows good music as because of my past. And if I believe in something then I'll do whatever to help at least 1 person hear it.. because it had not only pulled people out of deep depression but had also helped changed many peoples lives. Please open mindedly listen to this album and buy it if you agree.
Jellyroll is also just as solid and deep rooted and very artistic and talented individual from his picture painting lyrics to his harmonizing and singing hooks making this album just as complete. He is from Antioch tenn.
They both have known each other 15 years or so and this is there first complete album together ever to be done. There long friendship together portrays the modern day outlaws as The original Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson did in there time. Alot of people are quick to judge it without hearing it because of this comparison. But Waylon and Willie were told outlaw country was not what the world wanted and labels over looked them as well until they got there chance. This new album is the same as hip hop and major labels don't think there is a market or place in the industry for something so against the grain. But as outlaws we do shit our way regardless. Struggle fresh out of prision from conspiracy dope charges to a new mindset and image and very hungry and jelly who as well has been down the same paths the two combined and made a explosive album. Please listen all the way through and share your thaughts.
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