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To Whom It May Concern,

I am a faithful follower of the HipHopDX blog and I have information that May or May not be relevant to the Blog site concerning a previous story you published on September 21st 2010, under the title the Title "Boston Trial Planned After Stabbing Of Diplomats/Skull Gang Affiliate, (by Rahshad Phillips.)
It seems as if the victim and "alleged" government informant in that article, Curtis Best, known by his stage name "Major Harris" has (by his own admission according to his twitter account) become the "supposed" Vice President at Cudda Love owned "FO'REEL Entertainment" (Home of Nelly, St. Lunatics, Tierra Marie, and B2ks own Lil Fizz.) and has also
assumed the new surname of "Major Love" (which may be a nod to Cudda's fame). Whether his own admission is a true Fact or not, is not clear however,
he has his twitter fans buzzing about the supposed new appointment which leaves the question as to what's to become of his Skull Gang Affiliation now that he has "allegedly" been appointed VP of FO'REEL Entertainment?

From his Twitter page: Now come July5 i will VicePresident of a MultiMillionDollar Label Fo'Reel Ent i think me an @Richmondrabgot Surprises

once again startn july5 2011 I will bcome vice president of fo"reel ent a 100 milliondollar empire woww a regular hood nigga dat made it

Just left 1755 Broadway (Universal Records) wit Cudda & Lawyer its official July5 im VP of Fo'Reel Ent imma mke a difference

Im a follower on his twitter page and the link to his profile is here: http://twitter.com/#!/Major_VP

I don't want any credit for the story. I just thought you guys would like to see an update to the story for your readers, and subscribers. BTW, The Guy who "allegedly" stabbed him was convicted of the incident and sentenced to 30 years in prison for the offense.

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