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Why are the ratings rigged?

Why do you rig the music charts? Why are the hottest singles not based off rating? Your top 4 are Otis, Ghetto Dreams, Outlaw, and Uncle Otis........Yet Otis only has a rating of 3.81. Ghetto Dreams has a 4.75......Infrared has a 4.59...... EVEN OUTLAW has a higher rating than Otis. Is this because you are a Jay-Z superfan? The facts don't lie.

If the reason the scores are messed up because of longetivity on the charts, this still doesn't make sense. If Jay releases a song today, and a better song is released 2 weeks from now, why should Jay get the crown?

If you have any response...please email me ptrippz1@aol.com
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  • Hey Phillip,

    Thanks you for reaching out and giving us your feedback.

    As for the ratings, they are not rigged at all. The Most Popular singles are based off of how many plays the single has received.

    As of right now it is called "The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week", and if we based it off the ratings we would call it "The Top 10 Highest Rated Singles Of The Week".

    I hope this clears up your question.

    Thanks for the feedback and please don't hesitate to reach out again if you have any other questions.

    Have a great weekend!

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