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I tried to comment on your "Stray Shots" editorial in reply to someone. The comment was:

"When Lupe came out hip-hop still had mainstream lyricists and the production was varied and unique. He still made a big impact because his lyrics stood out as superior in a pond full of talented emcees. Lupe did get a little corporate and whiny lately though which is taking away the shine from his talent.

Kendrick is also a great lyricist and can craft some fantastic songs. The reason I think people are on his nuts so hard though is because of the state of hip-hop. Like I said when Lupe came in it was full of great emcees. Kendrick comes out almost a decade later when DJ Mustard keeps pushing the same instrumental to everyone and Young Scooter is praised for how "quickly" he writes songs. The culture has shifted to an ignorant, money grab. Kendrick actually cares about the culture and is more into crafting songs rather than profiting off them. There's very few emcees out that seem to care more about the music than the money.

I think that's why Kendrick is being paraded as the best. In 06 Kendrick would've just been another dope emcee. Now he's one of the only dope emcees with a mainstream presence."

I couldn't post it however. It said "Your comment was blocked. Please remove all links and self promotion to comment."

Can you explain to me what I put in my comment that's blocking me? This gives the future for your comment section a bleak outlook which is upsetting. I was trying to have an intelligent discussion and you're keyword blocker picked up something that obviously wasn't self promotion. I wonder how many other intelligent comments have been blocked...
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