9 times out of 10 my upload attempts are foiled!

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For like the past month, any time I try to upload (photos, mostly), more often than not I get one of two error screens - "Application Error" or the "Oops, something went wrong" screen. I'm beginning to think "Oops, something went wrong" is my desktop wallpaper or something.

What might I be doing wrong? It seems clear that other people aren't having this problem, or there'd only be about two new RECords a week.

I'm looking for ANYTHING I might change. Are my file sizes maybe too big? (This has never been a problem before.) Should I avoid typing text in or resourcing other RECords or adding the RECord to an album until after it's uploaded (if it ever uploads...)? Maybe if I stand on my head while it's uploading?

Maybe the site is trying to tell me I've already uploaded enough damn texture photos. ;)

Oh, one possible hint (or a coincidence) - there's one photo I've tried repeatedly to upload, and it never does. Meanwhile, I was able to post a few images I'd made based on that photo, but still, not the source photo. I'll try to pay attention to whether certain photos of mine are more stubborn about being uploaded or not.
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i have this problem all the time. it has gotten me to post significantly smaller versions of my photos/art. on one in particular (monster fluffy), i downloaded a photo, cropped it and uploaded a smaller version of than the original but it wouldn't upload. it was a png so i thought that might have been the problem. though i wanted to upload it with a clear background i changed it to a jpg. still did not work, so i made it much smaller. :c( i hate to do that, since it was meant for REmixing.

like you, this didn't use to be a problem for me.

i ALWAYS avoid adding text, REsourcing or putting the RECord into an album when posting. i do that later. i haven't tried standing on my head yet but i pretty much always leave the room when i (try to) upload something! ;cP

p.s. i love yr texture pics!
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Well, I'd say I'm glad it's not just me, but I don't want you to have a problem either!

I'm glad you like my textures, I think that's my niche.
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exact same issue. mostly with uploading photos, but also when trying to revise my existing text-based RECords.
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I recommend emptying your computer's cache and restarting your browser prior to uploading to reduce connection timeouts.

Browsers other than Google Chrome have been working best.

Also, smaller image sizes have been more successful uploading. 2200 pixels or less is recommended.

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This is still happening to me...