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"Search" Options for "Recommendations" & "Browse" Tabs

I don't have any specific instances to report on this but I think many of us have experienced our browser crashing when we go through all of our Recommendations. Perhaps there could be a "sort" option so that we could find things easier and avoid page crashes.

I would suggest having the option of breaking Recommendation searches down by video, text, image, audio, album, and collaboration. And maybe even further refinement, like a period of time (like "from 1/31/09 to 6/15/10.")

It would be helpful to have a similar set of options (especially the date one) for the "Browse" tab. This would really help people track down live event videos that may not be in collabs. So of I wanted to see all the videos from the time period of last year's "Summer In the City" I could search videos, 8/10 - 9/10/10 and it would help track down SITC videos.

With the current system you'd have to do a video only search and click next until you went back a year. The browser usually crashes before you could ever make it a whole year back.
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