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I know there are a few bugs that have been popping up, but this one seems a bit urgent as far as site functionality is concerned, and since it's worked fine in the past I'm hoping it won't cause you guys too much of a hassle! The RECommendations page http://hitrecord.org/records/beating is glitching pretty badly. The RECords it displays are often NOT the ones with the highest heartrates. Furthermore, if there was any doubt as to how dependent the community is on the /beating page, it can disappear now since heartrates themselves are reflecting the problem: a lot of RECords' heartrates have "plateaued," often at 20-30%, which in the past has been a phenomenal heartrate to have, but now has virtually no meaning. I've got RECords at <100 hits and ~25% heartrates days after being posted, which was previously unheard of -- the reason for this being that people can't really find RECords anywhere besides the browse page, and with such a high influx of new material everyday it’s near impossible to see what’s been posted beyond the past 3 hours or so.

If the /beating page can be fixed, this should hopefully lead to easier access to well-liked recent RECords. We’ll still have 40-50% heartrates on RECords that have very few hits but hopefully being on the /beating page will get them more hits.
While we’re on the topic of fixing the /beating page, would it be possible to go back to having MORE RECords on the page? I don’t remember how many we had before, but it’d get good RECords some more exposure, which they need. The featured page helps RECords get exposure too, yes, but those RECords are handpicked by the team, whereas the /beating RECords are picked by the entire community.

Also, in the past I posted on hitRECord about possibly changing the heartrate calculation; obviously it’s not a pressing concern right now since any working heartrate system would be a blessing, but in case anyone’s interested, it’s here: http://hitrecord.org/records/549259. I still think it would be beneficial to consider unique hits instead of all hits, but if we were to do so we’d need to account for time (as in time elapsed since the RECords were uploaded, which we already log). One possibility would be a quotient of (# hearts)^2 / [(# unique hits) * f(time)] where f is some simple linear function of time (i.e. multiplying it by a constant like .3) just to make sure that time doesn’t thoroughly run down heartrates one week, one month after RECords are uploaded.

Sorry if that was confusing, which it probably was – it’s the end of the day, which means I’m not so good for speaking coherently, and should probably return to watching cute videos of kittens.

Thanks so much in advance, team hitREC! I know there are tons of bugs popping up and that’s probably really frustrating for you guys. Would really appreciate it if you could take this issue into consideration though. If you want me to clarify any points feel free to ask. Thanks again! <3
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  • sorry to be a bother!

Posted 4 years ago

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The /beating page is still broken, but even more alarmingly, the /dashboard/recommends isn't working. This is the page that lets us know if there is a new RECord made from one that we've hearted in the past.

It's not completely broken, it does show some remixes, but it doubles up (like others have reported about their dashboards) and then doesn't show others.

I use this page all the time to find new records and remixes, but what troubles me is that if I can't see new remixes, then that means that no one can see mine, either.

Is this happening for everyone else?
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I know this was posted a while ago, but I'm noticing that the few recommends I get are not reflected in a heartrate %. I can have 100 views and 10 likes and a 0%. Is this a related issue?