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If there could be a way to break down "Hits" vs. "Unique Hits" and base all "Heart Rate" stats on the "Unique Hits" then I think that would benefit the site as far as the "cream rising to the top" theory. It's great to see how many actual hits something gets, but it can be counter-productive within the community at times. Also, this topic has surfaced quite a few times and perhaps it does need to be addressed in some way (if possible.)

Once something hits the "Recommended" page it can easily drop off once it racks up hits (produced by clicks and "Recommend" page views, but by users, non-users, and people checking and re-checking the remarks.)

If the "Recommendations" page was based on unique hits then the ones that stayed there would be void of accumulating repeat hits. This way the RECords on the "Recommendations" page would be there longer and accessible to viewers throughout the day(s.) This could help users identify what to work on or remix. If that page is changing all the time, it's harder to pinpoint what the community is allowing to rise to the top.

Make sense?
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I think this is a fantastic idea, Matt. Maybe have the Recommendations page have different tabs for audio, video, text, etc..., in addition to longer length?
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Matt Conley

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I agree that the "category recommendation" idea is cool. I don't think it's crucial, but it would be nice since the only other way to see what's risen to the top categorically is to do a filtered search in the "Browse" tab.

But I think it's important, say, for a user who comes to the site every day, that they should be able to see what the community has recommended by a unique hit-to-heart ratio rather than what "the Internet" has looked at or what the community has repeatedly hit.

This would help decipher what is "trending" per the community itself rather than what just gets the most overall traffic from the Internet.
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Yeah great idea, Matt. I've noticed this before but never thought how it could affect the 'recommendations' box.
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I 100% agree with this idea. Sometimes I find myself not wanting to view a record multiple times that I really enjoy simply because I don't want to lower their heart rating.
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True, Malicore, as even checking a remark thread (and sorting by newest remarks) adds additional "hits" and, like you said, it lowers the heart rate (unintentionally as well.) Tallying heart rate out of Unique Hits only would help alleviate this issue a bit I think.
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I like this idea. Still, the question is what is a unique hit? Necessarily, it would a calculate of a logged user viewing something within a certain time frame (and here come the cookie monster the IP address)

Interestingly, I notice my average heart rate is around 10% no matter how many hits or hearts my REC's get... this is even the case for features (though somewhat higher). Now, this is probably represents some interesting stat about how my work is being viewed... So, I think if we go the unique hit route for heart rate, its should somehow still factor in replays and/or repeat visits.
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I think that the unique hit count should be based on user counts and not IP addresses for two reasons.

1. Some users are visiting the website through multiple IP address, which would cause the record to get marked for two or more hits when the user is only able to recommend the record once.

2. Some hits come from non users and if these IP addresses really aren't members of the community then their hits should not affect the records heart rate.

If users want to see a total number of visits a record receives then maybe we can consider another counter next to the hit counter. So each record would have a view counter and a hit counter. If the different counters start to sound confusing then we could also rename them to help clear things up. Like renaming "Hits" to "User Hits".
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Maybe the unique hit count would be a "unique member hit" count, and ignore even unique hits from anyone not logged in?

I think this is a great idea, too. As a fairly marginal user, I would be happy to get an idea of whether my hit count is due to a ton of people looking and thinking "meh" v. people who like it coming back again.

But the most important thing is what Matt says - so people will get an idea of what the community as a whole is coming back to, what might make a good project to work on. One more avenue alongside the featured records and the Regularities!
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for a discussion on this on HR see
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I've been going by recommends strictly rather than by heart rate... Even before I knew how it worked it just seemed inconsistent with a record's awesomeness.
That being said, I think a change in hits to "unique member hits" would truly render this a great tool for finding stellar records that don't make it into your activity feed.
Heck even knowing how many hits one has in total from all sources combined is a great tool for finding stuff, especially when it comes to image records.
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What about like button to separate like-a-bility vs usability? I notice that can convelute things also. A like button could be used for heart rate and a rec button could be used for the cream rising factor or vise versa.
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That's what I use my albums for, I have one that's ReRecs that I think are easily usable for remixes and then I have other ones that are more favorites in each category, but not necessarily I'd remix.
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I got 1,800 hits one day because I was reblogged on another site, and the video has 25 recommends and is at 2%. most people don't even know its there. I totally support this idea. It is needed. If Heartrate/recommends is how we find record, then they need to reflect whats actually being liked. Also need to find a way for images to get their hits up, because there are so many images that im like.. thats. ehh. but it has like 20 hits and 15 recommends.
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there is nothing wrong with hits and heartrate. hits are already unique hits and heartrate is a genius recommendation calculation.
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i think the unique hit thing is great but i think it also needs to be a registered user hit. i know that most of us who post are links on twitter immediately get massive heart rate drops as we get alot of non hr members come in. perhaps a unique logged in count. if you get what i mean or if that is possible.

i do think the previous rcommendations side bar is greatly missed.