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Hits vs. Unique Hits

If there could be a way to break down "Hits" vs. "Unique Hits" and base all "Heart Rate" stats on the "Unique Hits" then I think that would benefit the site as far as the "cream rising to the top" theory. It's great to see how many actual hits something gets, but it can be counter-productive within the community at times. Also, this topic has surfaced quite a few times and perhaps it does need to be addressed in some way (if possible.)

Once something hits the "Recommended" page it can easily drop off once it racks up hits (produced by clicks and "Recommend" page views, but by users, non-users, and people checking and re-checking the remarks.)

If the "Recommendations" page was based on unique hits then the ones that stayed there would be void of accumulating repeat hits. This way the RECords on the "Recommendations" page would be there longer and accessible to viewers throughout the day(s.) This could help users identify what to work on or remix. If that page is changing all the time, it's harder to pinpoint what the community is allowing to rise to the top.

Make sense?
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