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Hey guys,

I imagine you receive many of these 'reports' a day so I'll try to keep this pithy. Living in a world run by corporate greed and flawed capitalism is beyond discouraging when it came to finding my place in this world. I thought I wanted to work in the music industry but after witnessing the atrocities that they today call "music" I want nothing to do with "those people". Though within this muck that I often refer to as society and the world today, it is beyond encouraging to see light within the darkness. I completely support and respect what you guys are doing here. I have been writing for some years now and have a lot to share. I can safely say I trust you guys and what you're doing, which I must admit is very difficult to say let alone feel. So...thank you. Thank you for showing me another light, another aspect of this world to make me smile and to make me proud that I know there are others out there like me. As I pursue my dreams and head for the top, I hope we can do great things together. That wasn't a question or me trying to be a kiss. I just want you each and every one of you know, that if this is as real as it seems then I thank you for giving us all the opportunity to truly enjoy art and create things that will help us all get through life without having to worry about a knife in the back. Now my profound rant aside! Thank you, guys and gals; I hope to be kickin' it with you in the future - personally and professionally.

Michael Norsoph
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  • thankful, excited, confident, etc. : )

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