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Switching over from Tonido?

I have been a long-time user of Tonido, but after reading about the new features, enhancements, and pricing of TappIn, I am considering switching over. However before I did, I just had a few questions based on my short experience with TappIn thus far:

1) One of the features I use most in Tonido is the ability to quickly rename, copy, move, or delete any folder or file using the webapp. Does TappIn offer any similar function for these basic procedures on their webapp? I easily figured out how to do these on the TappIn app for my Android phone, but I seem to have trouble figuring out how to do them online...

2) Is there a way to view access history? I often use this on Tonido to ensure that I have been the only one who has accessed my files, as well as to check what types of files I access most.

3) Is there a way to make playlists or organize music from the TappIn webapp? One of the things I use most on Tonido is their online Jukebox app.

4) From the TappIn Android app, how do you upload files to your computer? I often use the Android Tonido app to copy files from my phone to my computer, but I wasn't able to figure out how to do this from the TappIn Android app.

5) Is there any sort of search function in TappIn?

Any help anyone could provide me on these questions would be greatly appreciated. I really like TappIn and am considering switching over to its standard package while this great deal is available, but I would like to find out how to perform these operations before I do.

And if there's any other information or details you would need me to provide to you to help in answering these questions, please just let me know.
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