Do I have to enter all the fields for an Inventory Item?

The inventory items pages have a lot of fields, and sometimes the fields either don't apply, or I just don't know what to put there. Do I have to fill out every field for an inventory item?

My question applies to both the Inventory Item page, as well as the Tag Unassigned Items page, and the Quick Inventory Updater page.
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  • The short answer is no, you don't have to enter all the fields for your inventory. You can just enter the fields that you think are appropriate for the specific item.

    The reason for this is if you think about your possessions in your home, some are very different from others. For instance, your Electronics, Major Appliances, and Equipment probably have specific manufacturer's, sizes, serial numbers, and owner's manuals. But other things like Furniture, Household Items, Decorative Items, etc. probably do not have serial numbers and owner's manuals. HomeZada is designed to track all different kinds of Inventory Items, and thus not every field is applicable to every type of item.
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