Do I have to update my inventory items one at a time?

I have a lot of items in my home. I see that I can go room by room and item by item in each room to update my inventory from the starting point HomeZada provided me, but that seems like a lot of clicking and will take a lot of effort.
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  • HomeZada has two "Quick Actions" that allows you to update your inventory without having to navigate through each room. The 1st Quick Action is called "Upload and Tag Photos." This streamlines the process where you can upload photos of your entire house or multiple rooms, and once the photos are uploaded, you can tag them to the appropriate space and item. You can also enter in the date purchased and the purchased price.

    The second Quick Action is called the "Quick Inventory Update." This allows you to edit and create new items across all spaces and rooms. You can also filter the list by Space or by Item Type as well.

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