How do I increase my Property Profile % complete?

The purple and green house icon on the News, Dashboard and Inventory pages shows me at 20% complete. How do I increase that so my profile is more complete?
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  • When you create a brand new property, HomeZada laready starts you at 20% complete because of the common Spaces and Inventory Items already created for you. You can increase your Property Profile % complete by doing the following ...

    1. upload and tag photos to your Spaces [Kitchen, Living Room, etc. ]
    2. upload and tag photos to your Inventory Items [Refrigerator, TV, Wash Machine, etc.]
    3. Enter in the "purchased price" for most of your Inventory items, especialy the possessions
    4. For your electronics, equipment, or major appliances, either upload or link to your Owner's Manuals [do this on the "document" menu of the Inventory Item]
    5. upload and tag exterior photos of the home on the Property page.
    6. upload some key property documents on the Property page
    7. create at least 10 checklists in "My Property Checklists"
    8. assign someone in your home as a responsible person for those checklists
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