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I’m sad

starter problems with new car - unresolved

I purchased a new 2010 Mini Cooper S the first week in June 2010 (custom order - waited 6 weeks for delivery from manufacturer). From the dealer pick up date, the car's starter had sporadic problems working. The dealer assured it was just a bad tank of gas. Since then, the car has been in the shop a total of 28 days (with two different dealerships). The problem is still unresolved. The problem is: the car starts up and then turns off right away. This doesn't happen all the time, and seems to happen when using the car in sequence - like running errands.

This last time in the shop, the dealer had the car's computer re-programmed. But, not certain this will fix the problem. Anyone else have the same issue?

I am sadly disappointed about my new purchase and now doubt the reliability of the car.
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