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I’m frustrated

I cannot get past the sign in page, it's like the movie Groundhog's Day!!

I have been trying to sign in, I've already filled out the application page to use hootcourse with my facebook account, but I cannot get past the screen that asks if you want to sign in with facebook or twitter. When I click the facebok option, the curser responds with the swirly "working" thingy that it does, sometimes a box pops up that says Requesting permission across the top, and it also has the blinking "working" display, but then it goes away. the page doesn't change at all. maybe it'll kinda blink like it did just change, but it goes back to the same thing. I've tried different directions to get in, but it keeps doing the same thing. I even tryied logging on to facebook to see if it would help,but no not that. HELP ME!
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