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HTC EVO B-spot defect

A large number of users have reported a slight defect in the screen of the HTC EVO.

The defect manifests as a bright spot on the screen right around the area where the "b" key would appear on the default keyboard when the phone is vertical.

This is *not an isolated problem*. Here are some threads where you can find other users with the exact same problem:

Will HTC acknowledge this defect and offer to swap out affected phones?

I called HTC and was told to call Sprint. This was such a shocking passing of the buck that I just hung up. Why would Sprint address defective hardware unless you are under the 30 day Sprint warranty? Answer: they wouldn't.

I could have taken the phone back to Sprint within the 30 days, sure, but I was just too delighted with the phone otherwise to do without it for any length of time, so I did not want to give up the phone and wait weeks for a replacement.

The solution here is for HTC to issue a recall, or at least ackowledge the problem, and offer to replace affected units.

The EVO is my first HTC phone. It's an impressive bit of hardware except for the defect. The B-spot does not prevent the phone from functioning, and if I have to, I will just put up with the annoyance.

But if HTC does not prove to be a stand up company and support its products through a proper recall (or replacement program), this will be the last HTC device I own.

I've had luck in the past with where companies are otherwise non-responsive to customers, as seems to be the case with HTC to this point.

I'm attaching an image of my phone, but its' extremely hard to photograph this type of problem and the image does not do the problem justice. But you can at least see the location of the problem on the screen in order to determine if your phone has the same defect.

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