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It's important to get statistics.

You should add some basic listening stats as soon as possible. If the total number is embarrassingly low, show a percentile of the total clicks (listens/views).
It's important to provide some idea of interest in one's stream(s), in case it becomes obvious that no one is interested in a particular subject area.
Naturally, the more extensive the stats, the better. One simple solution would be to allow insertion of a Google Analystics code. That puts the burden on Google :)
Not sure it would provide the actual click ratio for the media object, though.
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  • The thing is, people aren't necessarily going to listen on the site. A lot (most?) people will listen later on their iPods rather than on the site. So statistics of listening would be very inaccurate. A more meaningful statistic is "how many other people have huffduffed this" which is currently shown at the URL for anything that's been huffduffed ( it's the same measurement that powers the "Popular" list: http://huffduffer.com/popular ).

    Also, I'm not sure if everybody really cares whether anyone is listening to what they're huffduffing: I'm sure a lot of people will be huffduffing purely for themselves (in the same way that they would save bookmarks on Delicious, for example, purely for themselves): aggregate values like "popularity" are secondary to the primary value of "*I* want to listen to this." But I take your point that it's nice to see if other people are enjoying what you're huffduffing.

    So right now there are very fuzzy statistics in the shape of "Also huffduffed as..." and "Comments". For example: http://huffduffer.com/skeletalmotive/622
    These give a rough idea of the level of interest around a file. Like I said, I don't think it's possible to get any accurate measurements of listening, so any statistics would have to be based around how many people have huffduffed the same file and/or how many people have commented on it.

    I'll see if there are any other statistics that can be surfaced but I'm afraid listening stats won't be among them.

    Thanks for the feedback; much appreciated.
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