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Problems Unzipping Redwood Transit Schedule File for iPod

I had a problem unzipping the Redwood Transit schedule file for my iPod. I emailed the HTA to let them know there was a problem. Aaron suggested using the Stuff It software program (free to download) to unzip the file. Once I did I had no problems unzipping the file using the Stuff It program.

It's important to note that I did not have to download and install a specific program to unzip the Eureka Transit and Arcata/Mad River Transit schedules.

A further note, the RTS schedule is not as orderly as the ETS and AMRTS schedules. I'm wondering if this might have anything to do with the way the file was created or how it was unzipped.

OS: XP Professional, Service Pack 2
2nd generation iPod

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  • Hi Marnie,

    Thank you again for bringing this to my attention and helping to diagnose the issue. I have produced a new version of the .zip archive using different Linux-based software that may be more universally compatible. If you could, please try downloading the new archive here ( and tell me if this unzips on your PC without Stuffit Expander.

    Also, I am interested to know how you would suggest reorganizing the RTS downloadable schedules for mobile devices. The schedule is much more complicated than AMRTS and ETS schedules, so presently the trip schedule files are arranged in a hierarchy of folders for service schedules and routes.

    Cheers! I am always welcome to your suggestions and feedback in the future.
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