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Photo of Deborah Capuano
Need help identifying a movie
The movie's focus was on a family. Father, mother, daughter in late teens/early 20s, son 11 or 12.  Daughter goes on ski trip with boyfri...
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Photo of NL
What movie is this?
This is what I remember about it: a russian or maybe romanian woman is coming to usa, thinking she's coming to work, but soon realizes ...
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Photo of N.mortimer
Looking for a title.
I need the title of a fairly recent movie. An actress is hired to infiltrate a terrorist cell. She has to prove herself to the target's m...
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Photo of Chief
a lady gets bit by a warm in the back
Awhile ago i saw this clip and i want to know about the movie or show. A woman gets captured and is laid on a stone bed ( i think ) and c...
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