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Photo of Graeme Whelan
Remove ads from the app!
Can we have an ad-free option please? I'd happily pay to get rid of the irrelevant junk sliding onto the edge of my screen.
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Add option to disable autoplay videos
Give users the option to turn off autoplay. It's very annoying when scrolling down a page to be blasted with a video that needs to be tur...
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Photo of Brian Bergin
Hide ads for Amazon Prime customers
As a long time Prime customer I should not be bombarded with junk ads for shows/movies I don't care about when using IMDb on my phone.  T...
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Photo of April Mazzola Pruitt
Stop showing commercials before trailers
The fact that I need to watch a 30 second commercial/trailer before watching a trailer is ridiculous. I'm already watching an advertiseme...
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