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Photo of Hasan Can
Ratings: Allow voting on different aspects of the title
Sometimes, when I watch a movie, there are parts that I like and other I don't, but when I rate the movie on IMDB, it has to be a one num...
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Photo of Michele
Ratings: Show season ratings for TV series.
In general the rating system work good BUT imho the rating system for series could be improved offering the possibility to vote also for ...
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Photo of Axel de Soomer
Ratings: Allow more precise voting
Me and my friends recently use IMDB a lot to rate. But we think it would be great if you were allowed to rate More precisely. Because you...
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Photo of Angelo Pilla
Ratings: Add extra level of precision for sorting IMDb ratings
Since the launching of the new advanced title search there is a problem that persists and you didn't even answer the other times I've pos...
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Photo of d
ATS: Support for "OR" searches in genres / countries and other fields
"No results." displays when searching for five (5) or more GENRES.      Please enable Search for more than four genres at once -- twenty ...
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Photo of SM
Video playback Error # 224003
Greetings;What good is it to any user of this web site to only see "Error 224003" when trying to play any of the previews/trailers from a...
  • SM, 56 minutes ago

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Photo of Arch Stanton
ATS: Can we get an advanced studio search option?
Currently, searching for movies by studio are limited to a handful of major current studios (unless they are included in keywords). It wo...
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Photo of cartman_1337
ATS: Add option for movies by release date independent of year (MM-DD)
I proposed this in the Advanced Search Updates thread (, bu...
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Photo of Dave Longoria
ATS: Export advanced title search results to a list
The movie list resulting from an advanced title search should have the feature that I can copy the whole list to a personal list.This Lis...
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Photo of Natalie Dee
Name Pages: Add age to name pages
Please bring back the age next to the birthdate!! Instead of making the app match the site, why not make the site match the app? I don’t ...
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Photo of Ahmed Babar
Title Pages: Add bigger thumbnails to cast lists on title pages
Hey IMDb, love the website. In regards to the "Full Cast and Crew" section you see when you search a movie or a show, I was hoping you co...
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Photo of Varun Singal
Title Pages: Add "next movie" "previous movie"
Putting the same franchise Movie/series links in one place in the Front (anywhere near the poster) in a Chronological Order, rather than ...
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Photo of Thiago Perotto Zocoli
Video: Disable IMDb Originals
How do I disable IMDB Originals to show among movie trailers? I joined the site do get information about movies, I have ABSOLUTELY no int...
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Photo of DEAFB0Y
Video: Add English subtitles for trailers
I believe every movie trailer should have English Subtitles for every movie trailer since ADA has passed the law that requires any online...
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Photo of Naresh Modi
Recommendations: Find members with similar ratings, and compare lists.
I would love to be able to find a group of members, who have rated movies similar to me, so that we can then benefit from each others lis...
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