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Fake profile
This person Creates fake profiles for movies that don’t exist and lists herself as screenwriter...
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Add photos
Why can not I add pictures to the film Tormenta de pasiones (1989)Tormenta de pasiones (1989) . . N...
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Watch a video on our site "imdb"
I can not watch the video in high resolutionPlease add precision settingIn order to follow the videos on our site "imdb"Many suffer from ...
  • رديف بلال, 8 months ago

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Photo of Tanya Field
Can I add a photo?
My deceased great aunt was an actress and there is an IMDb profile for her. However, there are no profile pictures of her. How can I add ...
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IMDb India
We are excited to bring to you an IMDb experience catered to the interests of the millions of movie & TV fans in India. Today we launche...
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