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Changes to company credits
Clicking on Company Credits ... See more>> or individual Production Co. it send u on IMDbPro  log in page, I assume it's a clinch.
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ISO-LATIN-1 (ISO-8859-1) corrections for titles not being accepted
There is a certain category of update I have submitted several times, but it is never getting corrected and I am not sure why. According...
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IMDb Data – Now available in Amazon S3
This is an announcement for customers of the IMDb bulk data available via FTP. We are pleased to announce, starting today IMDb dataset...
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Exclude country in advanced search
How do I exclude countries in advanced search? The not (!) operator doesn't seem to be working anymore.
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Several Indian/Turkish films break into Top 250
Three films (all from India or Turkey) entered the Top 250 Movies list simultaneously, a day or two ago. Two of these films have been on ...
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