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Create Chromecast app
Is there any plans to make the IMDb app work with Chromecast?
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I would like to access "Your Lists" with IMDb's mobile app
I have seen that some other people would also like to have an ability to access their lists with the IMDb's mobile app: https://getsat...
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big problem with back button/return on message boards
Why is it that when I am on the message boards and am reading posts and threads that are 40 or 60 posts deep (2 or 3 pages deep) and I hi...
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Chromecast & App casting
Ability to cast movie trailers to Tv monitors
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Still no material design on the app for Android?! It's almost 2016...
This is unacceptable from the developers of IMDB! Google announced material design over a year ago with Android Lollipop, and you develop...
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Where is the Material Design makeover?
When are y'all going to get around to updating the user interface in accordance to the Android Design Guidelines? The current design is a...
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Update to Material Design guidelines!
Apply the new Android design guidelines, Material Design!
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