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StarMeter order still not working correctly (software error)
(Pro) The StarMeter order is still not working correctly. Actors with a rank over 1,000,000 are ordered as though they have a rank which ...
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Ongoing changes to several IMDb features
As you may have noticed, there have been many changes to IMDb in recent months, and many more are in progress now with planned delivery o...
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Where are my personalized movies and series recommendations??????????????????
Why on earth IMDB removed the personal user recommendations on imdb website's homepage??? PS. In case any IMDB moderator reads this: get...
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IMDb Data – Now available in Amazon S3
This is an announcement for customers of the IMDb bulk data available via FTP. We are pleased to announce, starting today IMDb dataset...
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Updates to Advanced Search
As Col referenced in his earlier post (,...
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new 'clear history' mandate
I can no longer clear single items from my history.  It's either clear all or nothing.  This makes my timeline very cluttered since I nor...
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