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Title Pages: Add bigger thumbnails to cast lists on title pages
Hey IMDb, love the website. In regards to the "Full Cast and Crew" section you see when you search a movie or a show, I was hoping you co...
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Showtimes: Add extra details on the performance
Hi, I am really happy with the showtimes featuere included in IMDb. However, it would be really great if some additional info on the part...
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Showtimes: Allow ordering of "Favorite Theaters"
As new theatres open, I'd like to be able to sort them into my favourites in a way that makes sense to me like I used to, i.e. I like to ...
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Watchlist: Notifications when a title in your watchlist is released
If a movie is not yet released at the time of adding it to watchlist, then notifications should be given when the movie is released.
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Title Pages: Show cast members as their character in thumbnails
Cast pictures.
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Lists: Add a search for IMDb user lists
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Ratings: Import history and data from other sites
Hi IMDb team. I've been using sites for cataloguing the movies I watch for some years now, but I never started using IMDb itself. At the ...
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Add notifications for changes to name/title pages
I would like a notification (an email for example) whenever an actor, writer, movie etc has an update on "his/her/it's" page, Is this pos...
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Watchlist: Refine by Netflix streaming availability!
Why can't my Watchlist be refined by titles available on Netflix? This has to be the most popular streaming content source! My Watchlist ...
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Activate Search Bar
Hi, Whenever I visit any page on imdb, I think that the search bar should automatically get selected so that one can search or write d...
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Name Pages: Add age to name pages
Please bring back the age next to the birthdate!! Instead of making the app match the site, why not make the site match the app? I don’t ...
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Name Pages: Hide number of episodes on name pages to avoid spoilers
Dear, I absolutely love the site. I cannot begin to praise how wonderful it is or how much it has impacted the hobby I have for...
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ATS: Export advanced title search results to a list
The movie list resulting from an advanced title search should have the feature that I can copy the whole list to a personal list.This Lis...
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Lists: Add people to lists directly from name pages
When i want to add an actor, actress or director to my people list, i have to go and edit list and search after that i could add those pe...
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Ignore list in order to exclude titles you do not want to watch
To improve efficiency for the users, it would be great if there was a list where you could add titles you do not want to see much like th...
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Add support for Russian language
Огромная просьба - перевести, пожалуйста, веб-сайт в России, и это будет лучшая база данных фильмов в мире!
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Name Pages: Add poster thumbnails to name pages
Hi, I was just thinking it would be a good idea to put thumbnails of the films on the actor/director/company pages. Regards, Thim
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ATS: Make advanced search easier to find
I want to get to the full advanced search page in < 2 clicks.
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Title Pages: Show the composer on main title pages
I think that the film composer(s) name should be posted on the front page just as the director, writers, and stars names are posted. I fe...
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Lists: Add individual page links for large lists.
I have a large list.....5 pages. It would be nice if I could jump from page to page. For instance if I wanted to go from page 2 to 5 with...
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